Priority Road Winter Maintenance

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Yellow Lines - Mavis Yard
area between and including Dundas Street and Eglinton Avenue

Red Lines - Meadowvale Yard
area north of Eglinton Avenue and west of [and including] Mavis Road

Blue Lines - Malton Yard
area north of Eglinton Avenue and east of Mavis Road

Green Lines - Clarkson Yard
area south of Dundas Street
Major roads and collector routes, represented by any thick coloured lines, are cleared by the City first to ensure that residents, and emergency service vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances, can safely travel to hospitals, schools, work and get to public transportation systems during or immediately after a snowfall.

These roads are:
  • salted when snowfalls do not exceed 8 cm (3")
  • plowed and then salted if snowfall exceeds 8 cm (3")
… to achieve bare pavement.

All other city roads are cleared, and/or salt is applied within 24 hours of a snowfall. Heavy snowfalls or successive storms can sometimes extend this period to 48 hours or more depending on the severity of the snowfall.

Local Residential Streets

These streets do not receive the same level of service as priority roads.

Residential roads are:
  • blanket salted as conditions warrant
  • plowed and blanket salted if snowfall exceeds 8 cm (3")
… bare pavement may not be achievable, however the City's objective is to make these roads passable and safe.